A new guide addressing environmental impacts of cultural events in cities

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A new guide developed by EUROCITIES and Julie’s Bicycle as part of the ROCK EU-funded project.

As part of the ROCK EU-funded project, EUROCITIES and Julie’s Bicycle publish a new guide that will set out the drivers for green governance as they apply to cultural events – and how event organisers can put the procedures, policies and practices in place so that sustainable events can run smoothly. It will then take you on a journey through the key environmental impact areas of cultural events and where to start in managing and reducing them – demonstrated by a diversity of case studies from across Europe. Topics include: energy, waste, noise, transport, water, biodiversity and procurement.

As well as this new guide, you can also learn from ROCK Green Streams, a new series of inspiring talks and presentations in three episodes where we look at how cities initiate, support and encourage cultural events and activities to reduce their environmental impact. The full series is now available on YouTube.

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