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  •  culture


Our culture forum works to promote the increased recognition of culture as a vital aspect of public policies, and to foster access to and participation in culture for all.

  •  economy


Our economic development forum provides a platform for policy development in relation to innovation and economic development policies, at local, national and EU level

  •  environment


Our environment forum supports cities in their efforts to bring about a better environment and work towards achieving sustainable development by sharing knowledge and expertise

  •  knowledge society

knowledge society

Our knowledge society forum supports cities to ensure that all citizens can have access to ICTs and participate in the information and knowledge society and helps public administrations to make the most of...

  •  mobility


Our mobility forum promotes clean and sustainable urban mobility, and aims to raise awareness of the contributions being made and challenges met at local level

social affairs

Social Affairs Forum strategy for the period 2019-2020

  •  cooperation


Close cooperation between cities, regions, national governments and the EU institutions is essential in order to address the most important challenges facing Europe in the 21st century