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Eurocities session on The New Leipzig Charter - A new deal for good urban and multilevel governance (24 November 11-12.30)

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Eurocities and the city of Leipzig are organising an online event on ‘The New Leipzig Charter: A new deal for good urban and multilevel governance’. The event is taking place next 24 November from 11.00 until 12.30 and is open to all the Eurocities members. Follow this link to register.


What is the aim of the meeting? 


As national ministers prepare to adopt the new Leipzig Charter at their informal ministerial meeting on 30 November, we will look at how the developments can continue to make a positive difference for the role of cities in the EU.   


In particular, members will discuss how cities can make the most of this important document, and how it can contribute in practical terms towards a stronger multilevel collaboration and good urban governance in Europe. 


We expect contributions and interventions from key stakeholders, including representatives from EU presidencies and city leaders involved in the preparation and implementation of this new deal for Urban Governance. 


Why is the New Leipzig Charter relevant for your city?


How can we better work together across levels of government to unleash the transformative power of cities? And what are the principles for good urban governance in Europe?  These are some of the issues addressed in the new Leipzig Charter by the German EU presidency.    


The new charter goes beyond the original focus on integrated urban development, and includes a new global and European urban framework, as well as challenges faced by cities to guide post-2020 urban policy coordination in Europe. It comes with increased attention to the further implementation of the urban agenda for the EU, adjusting some of the challenges of the urban agenda so far.   


The impetus provided by the German Presidency on the renewal of the Leipzig Charter and the continued implementation of the urban agenda comes at a timely moment as governance across levels of government is more necessary than ever to assess development needs and investment priorities linked to the EU budget and cohesion policy across the EU. 


At this link you will find the concept and draft agenda for the meeting.  


Below you will also be able to find the following documents (available after login):


- The Draft New Leipzig Charter (21 October version) and its visual presentation

- The Draft Implementation Document of the New Leipzig Charter (21 October version) and its presentation by the German Presidency

- The presentation of the Better Regulation Initiative

- The Presentation of the Trio Proposal for a secretariat on Urban Matters (21 October version)



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