Help us raising the voice of cities on the inclusion of people with disabilities

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EUROCITIES is conducting a survey dedicated to Principle 17 of the European Pillar of Social Rights on the inclusion of people disabilities in the context of the update to the European disability strategy post-2020.

The European disability strategy represents the main instrument of the EU to support the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CPRD), which the Union has ratified along with all member states. Eurocities is supporting the implementation of the strategy by strengthening the capacity of cities to become barrier-free and to ensure that people with disabilities can participate fully in society. 

This survey for EUROCITIES members aims to collect evidence on disability inclusion and accessibility policies pursued at city level, identify barriers to implementation, good practices, funding gaps and emerging needs. The survey results will feed into a EUROCITIES analytical report (end of 2020) ahead of the publication of the renewed European disability strategy. 

Our goal is to

Raise awareness on the needs and challenges for inclusion of people with disabilities in cities

Identify priorities for EU funding to support disability inclusion actions at local level 

Recommend key actions to accompany the renewed disability strategy 2020-2030 to European decision makers

Present good practices and identify gaps in implementation

Build capacity for mutual learning between cities on inclusion of people with disabilities


How to contribute from your city?

Please fill in the questionnaire in written form attached and send it back to by Oct 12. We advise you to give ONE answer per city in which to involve all relevant departments to provide as full answers as possible. 

Many thanks for your collaboration and your efforts to advance the full inclusion of people with disabilities in your city!

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