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Projects are a key part of EUROCITIES activities in terms of policy work and exchanges between members. The following tools explain why and how EUROCITIES gets involved in projects and what the benefits are of getting involved.

  • A project leaflet with general information on why EUROCITIES is involved in projects, how this is linked to our policy activity, what the advantages are for members, and how the network supports members involved in projects;
  • A project infographic and overview listing all our current projects relating them to our strategic framework, a brief presentation of all our current projects, key issues, main activities, and specific contact details.

Please click to read our current projects.

  •  knowledge society

[01-02-2016 - 31-01-2019]


  •  knowledge society

[01-03-2015 - 28-02-2018]


  •  knowledge society

[01-02-2015 - 31-01-2017]

ENIGMA - Enlightenment and innovation, ensured through pre-commercial procurement in cities

  •  economy
  •  environment
  •  knowledge society

[01-10-2013 - 30-09-2016]

SMARTSPACES - Saving Energy in Europe's Public Buildings Using ICT

  •  knowledge society

[01-01-2012 - 31-12-2014]

NiCE - Networking intelligent Cities for Energy Efficiency

  •  knowledge society

[01-09-2011 - 31-05-2014]

Exploring emerging ICT-enabled governance models in European cities

  •  knowledge society

[01-12-2009 - 01-12-2010]