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CIVITAS SATELLITE is the support action of the CIVITAS initiative which promotes better and cleaner transport in cities,

The objective of the CIVITAS SATELLITE project is to coordinate and facilitate knowledge exchange and capacity building under the current and upcoming CIVITAS 2020 projects. By creating an effective ‘value chain’ for innovation in urban mobility, the CIVITAS SATELLITE partners will contribute to the success of the goals identified in the EU’s transport white paper.

Launched in July 2016 and lasting for 4.5 years, this Horizon2020 funded support action will increase the visibility and evaluate as well as disseminate the results of all CIVITAS 2020 projects; it will put capacity building (e-learning, webinars) and transfer/take-up tasks (peer-to-peer eschange and networking) at the heart of the activities.

Coordinated by the Polis network, CIVITAS SATELLITE brings together Rupprecht Consult, ICLEI, the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC), UITP and Transport & Mobility Leuven (TML). EUROCITIES is in charge of a work package covering peer-to-peer activities.

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