working groups for culture

Each forum is able to set up a certain number of working groups and task forces focusing on specific policy issues. Each working group has a specific objective, scope and mandate for example preparing a position paper on a particular topic or managing activities such as a European project or campaign.

Each working group consists of individuals, nominated by member cities, who are considered as having relevant knowledge and expertise. Each working group is chaired by a member city, which is also responsible for reporting back to the relevant forum on the results achieved.

A task force can be set up to address issues with a more limited scope. The task force is a temporary group that has a specific mandate, scope, timeframe and strategic purpose.

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Art and culture in public spaces

Chaired by the City of Turin, the working group is a platform for all Culture Forum members to discuss, exchange experiences and design new scenarios about art and culture in public spaces, It focuses in...

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Cultural resources and partnerships

The proposed new working group will be a hub for knowledge exchange on: - Future-fit cultural administration and non-financial support - New partnership models/thinking styles (has been a focus so far) - New...

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Cultural services and culture for inclusive cities

The working group will be a hub for knowledge exchange on: - Accessibility of culture - Demographic changes and their impacts on culture - Inclusion through culture - Physical and mental well-being through...

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Culture and young people

This working group supports cities’ activities to bring young people into contact with culture and develops strategies to ensure that the needs of young people are met in local cultural strategies

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Skills, creativity and work

This working group supports the contribution of the local cultural and creative economy in cities.