Art and culture in public spaces

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Chaired by the City of Turin, the working group is a platform for all Culture Forum members to discuss, exchange experiences and design new scenarios about art and culture in public spaces, It focuses in particular on public art in its wide understanding (monuments, artworks in public space, street art – mural art, lightning art, performing art and design objects, both temporary and permanent).

The working group help cities to design and share policies aimed to consider public art as integral part of the public realm, as an element of urban landscapes, as a driver of urban regeneration, as a source of empowerment of participation and community cohesion and as an engine of city attractiveness.

Art and culture in public spaces are discussed according to various angles: participatory design, management, maintenance, conservation, promotion, valorization and funding as well as the criteria for new artworks set up.

The group has the following objectives: 

- Identification of a shared concept of “public art” 

- Exchange of experiences (local policies and projects), transfer of policies and development of recommendations to cities

- Establishment of a professional mobility system allowing both:

o the exchange of experiences between city staff under working on public art,under the form of work shadowing or work placements

o the mobility of artists and cultural operators 

- Promotion and development of joint EU funded projects


Daniel Buerkner
Team leader


Laura Sanchez Serrano
International Cultural Cooperation

vice chair

Doris Abela
Chargée de projet

vice chair

Symon Easton
Head of Cultural Development

EUROCITIES staff contact

Julie Herve
EUROCITIES Brussels Office
Senior policy advisor