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    The EUROCITIES photo exhibition is a selection of photos that we received for our 25th anniversary publication 'my city - my view' in 2011.

    We asked our members for a photograph of their city taken by a young person between the ages of 15 and 25.

    The photos illustrate ‘people and place’, capturing the city through the eyes of young people. Touristic and promotional images were avoided in favour of themes such as wealth and poverty, planning for the future, urban transformation and liveable neighbourhoods.

    Here are some sample photos of the exhibition, as shown in Hamburg in May 2012. 


    'my city - my view' photobook  

    The complete set of photos can be viewed in our photo book, ‘my city - my view’. A hardcopy can be ordered together with the EUROCITIES history booklet, ‘developing Europe’s urban model’ for 25 euros for the set, incl. VAT and postage. 

    The exhibition includes pictures from the following cities:

    Aarhus, Banja Luka, Barcelona, Bergen, Beyoglu, Bialystok, Bonn, Bordeaux, Bratislava, Brussels Capital Region, Chemnitz, Copenhagen, Dortmund, Dresden, Edingburgh, Gdansk, Genoa, Ghent, Gothenburg, Grenoble Alpes Metropole, Hamburg, Heraklion, Katowice, Krakow, Leipzig, Ljubljana, Lviv, Manchester, Mannheim, Munich, Nantes, Newcastle, Nis, Novi Sad, Nuremberg, Oslo, Parkstadt Limburg, Pilsen, Riga, Tampere, The Hague, Turin, Venice, Warsaw, Zagreb and Zurich. 

    It was supported financially by the cities of Chemnitz, Dortmund, Dresden, Hamburg, Leipzig, Mannheim, Munich, Nuremberg and EUROCITIES.



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